What is Sukha?

Sukha (SOO-kuh) can be translated as sweetness, happiness, bliss, ease and joy. It’s about finding the sweet spots in everything we do ~ our work, enjoying food & wine, chocolate!, vacations, road trips, running, asana, even shopping. At SukhaSweet!, our goal is to dive in deep, find the truly sweet spots in your neck of the woods and across the globe, and pass them along to you. We want to provide the recommendations and guidance of a great, trusted friend, not just another guidebook for the masses.

This idea has grown out of necessity and our own experience. Let’s face it: in our world, with all that’s on our plates, there simply isn’t time to do the research and legwork to find the sweetest spots around. At home, we discover them over time. On the road, it’s a crapshoot and we choose our experiences based on word of mouth and internet reviews. We’re constantly thinking, especially after wasting precious free time, “there’s got to be a better way!” So considering the fact that we think we have pretty amazing taste and really high standards, we decided to tackle the challenge. We love to travel and explore locally and internationally, and while we share our discoveries with our own small circles, we want to spread Sukha to the masses, to make life that much sweeter.

We’re lunatics in our own lives when it comes to safe and healthy food and have encountered difficulty over the years finding nourishing places to eat on the road, especially when it comes to dealing with dietary restrictions. We’re tired of taking sub-par yoga classes when we’re out of town because it’s downright dicey to determine where to find the authenticity we seek without going to each and every studio firsthand. Guess what? You no longer have to because we’re doing it for you!!!

We value supporting those who are making a positive difference in this world through their businesses, who create safe and healthy workplaces for their employees, those who are conscious of making this world a better place. And we believe it’s imperative to be able to maintain a level of great health and wellbeing, wherever our lives take us.

SukhaSweet! offers you the opportunity to experience the sweetest things in life at home, on vacation, away on business, visiting family & friends, or simply traveling the globe. We’ve done the research for you, and offer only those listings that meet our SukhaApproved criteria. Our site is updated constantly; like we said, we’re uncompromising lunatics! Social and environmental responsibility are paramount to us; we don’t believe in artificiality, whether it’s ingredients, colors, flavors or pretense. SukhaLife is about integrity and wholeness, where there’s no harm done to others or ourselves; this is ahimsa.

Sukha encourages our hearts to shine, makes us the best we can be for the loved ones around us; it sneaks up on us, opens us and invigorates us so that we experience life to its fullest.

We simply don’t believe in swag ~ life’s just too damn short.


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