In a world increasingly dominated by the homogeneity and questionable ethics of Whole Foods, nothing warms my heart more than returning to one of the original co-operative markets that set the standard for authentic excellence. I’m talking about the kind of small, community market with hardwood floors, earthy smells and crowded aisles where you know and trust that you will never find an item for sale with a single questionable ingredient. The co-op board has dedicated itself to making informed, intelligent decisions about which products to offer and which products to avoid, for the highest goal of safely feeding its patrons.

The Hungry Hollow Food Co-Op is such an organization, and has been serving the community in this way since 1973. Still tiny but slowly expanding over the years, Hungry Hollow offers an impressively wide variety of grocery items including pantry items and dry goods, beautifully fresh produce (including hard-to-find specialty items like local fiddleheads in season!), body care & household products, locally-baked organic breads and pastries, and a thorough selection of deli items made on-premise. There is something delicious and truly healthy for everyone, including salads, sandwiches, home made soups and sweets, most of which are vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free.

Hungry Hollow Co-Op is affiliated with an intentional community called the Threefold Educational Center which includes the Green Meadow Waldorf School, Fellowship elderly community and Pfeiffer biodynamic agriculture & environmental education center, among others. Shopping here is a delight to the senses, and is also satisfying knowing that you’re supporting a conscious, vital community dedicated to the health of our planet.

Check out their mission statement to get the full effect, and be sure to make this a side trip when you’re in the NY/NJ area ~ it’s unparalleled!


841 Chestnut Ridge Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977